About Us:- KanakDhara Bullion Limited.
KanakDhara Bullion Limited is a public limited company setup with a vision of making the availability of glod/silver bullion accessible to everyone. With this vision of fufilling million of dreams the company empowers customers with several options for purchasing or investing in gold/silver bullion providing the best quality product and services at most affordable rates in professional market.
KanakDhara Bullion Limited Know the value of customers well-earned money and given him the best possible change to not only safeguard his wealth but also to preserve his purchasing power in times of financial uncertaininty . KanakDhara Bullion Limited does this by giving private investors access to the competitive prices of professional bullion markets. KanakDhara Bullion Limited also benefits customers by assuring him secure storage of his gold and silver bullions in professional security vaults and that to free of cost along with free insurance of his bullions in vault or while in transit.
When its about gold/silver you can blindly trust KanakDhara Bullion Limited.
Company Vision
A company where the best people work.
Customers who recommend us to others because we consistently exceed their expectations.
Success measured in growth of the company, its earnings and ourselves.
The world leader in sales.